In a nutshell

Virtual Serial Port Control is an easy-to-use Software Developer Kit (SDK) which makes it possible to create virtual serial ports and fully control them. It simplifies creation of serial device emulators or adding new logic to existing legacy software which communicates using COM-ports.

Virtual serial ports are recognized by the operating system and software like they are real hardware COM ports.

Your program powered by Virtual Serial Port Control API gets all the data written to the virtual serial port and responds with your own data. Thus, you can communicate with third-party software via virtual serial port the same way like it communicates using physical port.

Events Support

Event driven architecture is a soft snap. There is no need to check again and again what really happens with the virtual serial ports. Just write a clear and simple routine for each required event and that will process the data.

Complete control of serial ports

Virtual Serial Port Control API provides developer with full control over virtual serial port. Everything that serial device can do with physical serial port may be done with virtual serial port using the API.


Developer API is available in the following forms:

  1. Dynamic Link Library
  2. ActiveX
  3. .NET Component

The SDK comes with complete documentation, source code examples and components for integration into third-party installers.

Additional Information

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