FtVspc_ErrorCode Constants

ftvspcErrorOk 0 The operation completed successfully.
ftvspcErrorFailed 1 The operation has not been completed.
ftvspcErrorInvalidParameter 2 Invalid parameter.
ftvspcErrorAlreadyInitialized 3 Already initialized.
ftvspcErrorInsufficientBuffer 4 Insufficient buffer size.
ftvspcErrorInvalidLicense 5 Invalid license.
ftvspcErrorIncompatibleVersions 6 Incompatible versions of service and DLL API.
ftvspcErrorPortAlreadyExists 100 This port already exists.
ftvspcErrorNoSuchPort 101 There is no such port.
ftvspcErrorNoMoreItems 102 There is no item (possible reason: index is too high).
ftvspcErrorPortAttached 200 This port is already attached.
ftvspcErrorPortInUse 201 This port is opened by serial application.
ftvspcErrorMarkedForDeletion 202 This port is marked for deletion.
ftvspcErrorOperationUnsupported 1001 Operation unsupported (only for .Net and ActiveX control).