Modem status signals
CtsState of CTS signal.
DcdState of DCD signal.
DsrState of DSR singal.
RingState of RING singal.
Line status
BreakState of Break error.
FramingState of Framing error.
OverrunState of Overrun error.
ParityState of Parity error.
Other Properties
BitrateEmulationState of bitrate emulation flag. If TRUE, the port emulates write data transfer speed in accordance with value of bitrate communications parameter.
If FALSE, data is written to the port without any delays. FALSE by default.
InQueueBytesNumber of bytes in the data buffer available for reading.
PermanentIf TRUE, the port is created each time on system start.
Otherwise, port is created manually by application via API.
PortNameName of virtual serial port. This property should be set before calling Attach method or accessing any property. Changing it after Attach call leads to ftvspcErrorPortAttached exception. In case of this property is set in Design mode, virtual serial port will be created automatically on the start of application.
Remarks: When FTVSPCPort Class created dynamically (not by placing on form) there is no need to call the Attach method after setting of this property.
PortTypeRetrieves value of virtual serial port type.
QueryOpenAllows to react on virtual serial port opening. So, application can allow or prohibit access to the serial port.